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Urology Treatment

Urology refers to a branch of medicine that aims to study the urinary tract systems of both men and women. Our top-ranking hospitals and an eminent team of illustrious healthcare experts amalgamate first-rate competence and the latest advancement in medicine and development in technology to provide premier treatment and facilities.
Our well-endowed healthcare professionals attend to the urinary system problems that involve the kidney, bladder, prostate, penis, and testis. They are well trained to analyses and cure problems related to the urinary tract system.
As far as women are concerned, the urologists only handle the urinary tract system issues. At the same time, men deal with diagnosing and treating the penis, testicles, infertility, and sexual problems. Our healthcare professionals offer accurate diagnoses, which help detect many complex issues. Apart from prescribing medication, they also perform procedures such as cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, nephrectomy, and vasectomy.
To assist the patients better, we provide a diverse range of tests such as ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, urine test, biopsy and other physical examinations. Our expert healthcare professionals are well equipped to handle a multitude of cases smoothly and also provide further instructions to the patients.

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